Saturday, May 04, 2013

FPP Hospital Selayang Review - "The Cost & Verdict"

The Cost

It cost us around RM 4,000 under FPP in Hospital Selayang for delivery via ELCS - Cesarean, 7 nights stay in a single room (as Little Sophia was still in NICU and I had to wait to 'room-in'), medications, blood tests.

This time, upon discharge, the credit card machine works!

Discharge process was slow but bearable. I wasn't going far anyway, just to NICU to room-in with Little Sophia. :)

The Verdict

Honestly and truthfully, I am pleased with the medical team.

Although rather unhappy with the room's condition and food provided. I didn't complain. Only once I told the cleaner to clean under the bed because I couldn't stand looking at the dusts and spots. I even wiped it myself!

In short, Hospital Selayang must improve in hospital support services, particularly cleanliness and also quality of food provided to patients. If the current contractors are lax and not up to mark - change!


Old Kitty said...

Oh Bin! We continue to send you and little Sophia many many positive vibes and all the good thoughts in the world! We hope you are both home asap!!! You and little Sophia take care now!


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