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FPP Hospital Selayang Review - "The Procedure - Cesarean"

The Procedure - Cesarean (26/2/2013)

Booked for a Cesarean, morning the next day, 26/2/2013.

Meaning, I've fasted, on drips, shaved (ahem!) and gone through all those pre-ops preparation in view of Cesarean which will proceed as planned provided :-
- A ventilator is available at NICU (as I am expecting a preterm baby)
and, - there's no other emergency cases.

In the morning, a nurse came to fix the urine bag. (Ok, what urine bag!!) - It is also known as urine catheter, to make sure you don't pee and wet yourself before, during and after surgery! Yes, a tube inserted to catch pee into a bag. I declined, because I know it will be uncomfortable. I requested for it to be done in the OT, after they numb me! :)

At around 7 am, a nurse 'unofficially' informed me that ventilator is not available and procedure may be postponed to the next day, or another 'next day' until available. I didn't like the sound of it! This mean I had to fast again? and again? and shaved again? ... okay, maybe not the 'shaving' part.

Around 8 am, as I was reaching for my cuppa of oats drink (to break fast, 'unofficially'), Dr. Yu came and said can proceed as NICU can make arrangements if needed. Oh yes!

Off I go to the OT!

Never been to an OT before. Oh my - it is so bright!

First, I had this whole group of aliens (people in green) surrounding me, freaking me out. Then, suddenly, someone said "FPP" and many green people had to leave (I guess they were there to observe and learn) - so, take note, perks under FPP - Not so many green people.

Then, the very nice Dr. Anesthesia started numbing me. I had to sit up, bend a little while she administers the 'numb' drug. (By the way, I love the song "Numb"!) - believe me, she's so good that I felt nothing during the numbing procedure.

However, I did have a 'not-so-nice' (wouldn't want to call it 'bad') experience with the IV line. The first IV line they did became 'blocked', removed - they tried to do a new one at the OT. First attempt unsuccessful as it was painful after, then second attempt, my hand swelled up as they started the drip ... third attempt they did it inside bend of my elbow, which was successful but I didn't like it as it restricts my movement, in case I needed to protect myself against green people.

I had two IV lines, both hands. Feeling very cold. Very, very cold, freezing cold, shivering - they had this blower with hot air to keep me warm... still, I was shivering. I've never felt so cold before.

After I am all numb ... okay, half numb - lower body - Dr. Yu (I think ... everyone looks the same in the OT) started the procedure. I can feel 'something' but not pain. Pain had been blocked.

When I felt doctor pulling, I knew he was trying to get Little Binny out ... soon after, I heard my Little Binny crying.

My Little Binny is finally here.

The nurse showed me my Little Binny, asked if I know the gender. I said yes, girl.

Me, still drowsy. Should have taken a picture of the urine bag!

My precious little girl.

God, please protect her from all harm. She's just too precious. I love her.

Little Binny weigh-in at 1.84 kg. She was then transferred to NICU.

Little Binny @ NICU

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Cassandra Yap said...

Cute little one, congratulations! Reminds me of my tiny preemie in the same pink attire while in hospital last year. Take care :)