Thursday, May 02, 2013

FPP Hospital Selayang Review - "The Room & Food"

Now, let's continue to "The Room & Food"

The Room or Bed, as they called it - (Stayed from 25/2 - 4/3/2013)

Anything to shout about on a RM 130.00 per night per room (inclusive of meals) at Hospital Selayang's OBGYN Ward under FPP?

YES! Unfortunately, not shouting out of delight. Sigh.

Firstly, the room could have been cleaner - cupboard had hinges coming off, couldn't shut close - had to use a chair to block. Curtains, cupboards were dusty. Tiles skirting were coming loose and pieces of tiles left on the floor. Wall papers were peeling off. 

Secondly, hot shower / water stopped working at Day 4!

Overall, I wish it is much cleaner environment - considering it is a hospital!

However, I do appreciate two things in the room.

The TV

and The Lazy Chair (for my hubby) - with no additional charges

The Food


First Day - they've almost forgotten to send me my lunch. Got my lunch, cold, late. Very hungry. No tea-break. Had to ask my brother to watch out for the dinner cart, so that they remember there's a very anxious, pregnant lady at Bed *0)

Under FPP, there's a menu that we can choose from for our meals - one of the so-called perks of being FPP. First two days, no menu was offered (they forgot! again!)- so I ended up with the regular meals.

Subsequent days, I wanted to be adventurous and started ordering their Western Set - the way the lady described the food while taking my order ... it sounded so yummy, chicken chop with mashed potatoes, grilled fish with some herbs ...

But it came out to be H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E

Food was cold, way too salty and oily to be healthy. 
The only thing I could stomach in is the fresh fruits.

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