Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Renal Biopsy 2.0

BED 24 !!
Year 2010 - Renal Biopsy 1.0
Year 2014 - Renal Biopsy 2.0

Survived my renal biopsy!

Had my renal biopsy late morning yesterday - after much pestering, I am allowed to go home same day, in the evening.

This time, the doc seems to be in a hurry for clinic duties, so, it was a little bit uncomfortable - especially when she was trying to numb the area (injecting very quickly) AND when she took the second sample!!

Ouch ... still having sore back.

Two weeks wait before I get my results ... hopefully they DO NOT lose my precious kidney samples!!!

Did I mention that back in year 2010, I had my biopsy two weeks or so before Chinese New Year?
Looks like it is the same this year! Chinese New Year 2014 falls on 31/1/2014!

Talk about coincident!

P:S:- Thank you bloggie friends for dropping by with encouraging words! Love you lots!!!



Brian said...

Purrs and hugs from all of us. 55856828 911

Karen Jo said...

Purrs and hugs from us, too. We hope everything is fine.

Karen Jo and the Kitties

Shel said...

Thanks for sharing that info. I'm fairly freaked out and it seems to heighten as I get closer to Monday. Hope your back gets better!

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Georgia and Julie said...

How are you doing?
We hope your results were good.
We are sending hugs and purrs to you.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
and Angels Tiger and Tillie
and the mom

Anonymous said...

Hi. I saw that you previously got some urine dipstick for testing. May I know where you purchase it from? Get well soon!