Wednesday, May 01, 2013

FPP Hospital Selayang Review - "The Admission"

"Review" on Government Hospital, now that's weird.
Anyway, I am not very normal.

I did end up taking FPP (Full Paying Patient) for my ELCS (Elective Cesarean) at Hospital Selayang under Dr. Yu. My ELCS was for medical reasons. The Nephro thinks my Lupus is screwing with me kidneys! (i.e. Leaking protein, blood, leukocytes ...)

The Admission - 25/2/2013

At Level 5 - Labour Ward, Hospital Selayang - 8.00 am.
I Waited. And Waited.
FPP or not, I still have to Wait .. and Wait ..

Then,  I was directed to go to  'observation unit'
- CTG to monitor baby's heartbeat.
- Ultrasound (estimated my Little Binny weighs 2.2kg)
- Blood Test
- Dexa Injection on my butt (to help Littly Binny's lung make surfactant so that Binny can breath easily)
- Inserting a very biggie IV line! (ouch!!!!)

(Level 5, Observation Bay are shared by FPP, non-FPP - so, do not expect much privacy!)

Oh ya, remember RM 3,000 is required as deposit under FPP - cash or credit card.
Do bring along your ATM card, as the credit card machine may refuse to work, like on the day I was admitted!! Worry not, there's an ATM on the Ground Floor, just make sure your daily limit is sufficient! (In my case, it wasn't and I ended up paying half first, and half in the evening when my hubby came)

I waited till 12 pm before a room was available!
A Single Room - means hubby can bunk in!

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