Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Hello Blog. Hello Friends.

Thank you Hannah & Lucy for the 'knock' to say 'Hello' !! Means a lot! 

Life in between my last post and now has been challenging and tiring.

$$$, Haze, Cough and abandoned kittens!

Oh yes, we found 4 kittens abandoned behind our backyard two months ago.
Funny how they managed to make their way up the steps... perhaps they had 'help'.

My hands are full but couldn't turn away these kittens. 
They were little and needed milk. So to goat milk I turn to.

This means, I have additional four mouths to feed. I better start selling more pillows !!! Oh Bast!

And here's Sophia! (BTW, she calls herself Sasa)! See how terrified kitty is???????!???? 



So good to see your post!
What cute kittens you have and your daughter is so pretty!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Oh Lupie - someone knows you like cats and decided to give you some furry presents - they are such cute little kittens. Your lovely daughter Sophia seems quite in charge of them.
If you want to sell more pillows I will take a couple off your hands for $$$ but I do understand that you might have been joking!
Will you try and sell the kittens when they are old enough to go to a new home or will you keep them? How many cats do you have now?
Love the kitten's face with the M on it's forehead - reminds me of my cat called Lucy.
Take care.
Love, Hannah, Lucy and Sue x x x

The Island Cats said...

It's so nice to hear from you! The kittens are adorable. It was good of you to take them in.

Old Kitty said...

AWwwww darling Sophia is beautiful!! And you are beautiful for looking after all these beautiful kitties!

Hugs from me and Charlie and Gumtree

jack said...


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Extremely cute and hilarious kittens! Where have you found them! Probably, now they are mature and grown-up cats! :) Nice photos of Sasa..

Unknown said...

It is so nice of you taking care of those sweet kittens. Beautiful pictures!! And your daughter is so cute!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

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