Sunday, December 14, 2014


School days.

I never liked school days.
Supposed to be the best time of one's life.
Ain't mine.

I hated school, I skipped often, only to stay at home,
No one noticed, anyway.
I am just like invisible.
I can't be invisible.
I'm huge.
Always being called 'names'.
Always being ignored.
Talked to, only because I'm pitiful or someone needed something.

It left a scar.
That can never be erased.

Even now, I still feel being ignored.

Just a couple of weeks ago, an ex-classmate asked if I wanted to buy something, which he can get way cheaper at his place. I said yes, feeling very appreciative.
Then weeks passed, he told me that the 'something' has arrived and he will arrange delivery.
I asked for bank account no,., he said, he'll send first, then only I pay.

I thought tide has changed, I am no longer ignored.

I waited, for 3 weeks, I messaged him - he then said - oh, so sorry I forgot to inform you, out of stock.. I said okay la ... believing him.

One fine day, I logged on to whatapps - and few ex-classmates were thanking him for getting that 'something' for them .... it even traveled miles over to another continent. 

I got upset. He lied. Looks like I am still the pitiful little duck.

Today, I exit the ex-school mate Whatapps group.
Every message I post, no one seems to take notice - probably dun even bother to reply.
Why should I stay, might as well exit.
At least I don't get those irritating notifications.

I should feel good.
I hope so.


Hannah and Lucy said...

We would never do that to you Bin or to your sweet Sophia Q. She is such a pretty girl.
Luv Hannah and Lucy + Sue xx xx xx

Unknown said...

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Hannah and Lucy said...

We still think of you and Sophia Bin - maybe you could show us a new picture of her sometime.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
btw our blog has some pictures of Hannah and a nippy pillow today!!

essay writing service australia said...

I am in favor of a above mentioned suggestion - give us more photos Sophie - she is so cute!!! Besides, the kittens are exciting!

Aaliyah Bosworth said...

Glad you had the courage to leave the WhatsApp group. You clearly don't deserve to be ignored if they are really your friends. May you find true ones along the way.


Anonymous said...

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